Zing’s Spinzipz made it onto Live with Kelly and Ryan’s list of 2017’s hottest toys!

The spinners craze is reaching a new level with Spinzipz from Zing. With two bright LED lights and the ability to stack two together, Zing’s Spinzipz create light shows both day and night. (00:45)

— Published on May 5, 2017

TTPM Toy Reviews – Spinzipz from Zing

Light up spinners! Spinzipz take the fidget spinner craze to a whole new dimension with light up features that are simply dazzling. Collect them all, and join two together to create even more dramatic effects!

— Published on May 3, 2017

Thumb Chucks review posted on Huffington Post!

It may have been very clear that I don’t know many Thumb Chucks skills. The cool thing is, it really doesn’t matter. The Thumb Chucks are just fun to twist, twirl, bounce and basically fidget with in your hands. The fact that the Chucks light up, just add a whole new element of mindless, stress relieving fun.

— Huffington Post, Published on Mar 31, 2017

Toy Fair Demo with Tonight Show Writer Jo Firestone

Jimmy Falon plays with Thumb Chucks on The Tonight Show! (02:05)

— Published on Feb 25, 2017